Traveller Eviction

It is not easy to remove trespassers staying on your land without your permission. Most of the time, a polite request does not work. They can turn aggressive and it can be difficult to deal with them. You should avoid dealing with the abusive and uncooperative travellers on your own. Seek professional help for traveller eviction. A company that offers services for this purpose will help you evict trespassers from your land.

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Act Promptly

It is important to act promptly in such cases. Seek professional services of the company that specialises in evicting the travellers. You can reduce further damage to your property if they are removed from your land as early as possible. You will avoid the problems of rubbish accumulation. A temporary incursion can turn into a long term occupation if you do not act promptly. Taking action at the right time is necessary to get this problem solved at the earliest.

The Role of the Police

If the travellers refuse to vacate, the eviction company takes help of the police. The support of police is used after obtaining an eviction order. The police assess the situation and take some preliminary actions. They first try to get the travellers evicted without using force. If it does not work, they follow a well laid eviction process as mandated to them under the law. Their goal is to avoid all the risks of injury to the people and damage to the property.

Different Processes

The simplest process is to request the travellers to leave the land. If it does not work, you should start the eviction process immediately. The professional company specialising in the eviction of travellers can help you serve the eviction notice properly. A certified enforcement agent from the company starts the legally valid eviction process to get such travellers removed from the land. If it does not work, the support of police is sought to evict such travellers. The eviction service company helps save thousands of pounds in lawyer, enforcement and court costs. In most cases, the site can be cleared of travellers in less than 24 hours but in some cases it can take several days.

Costs of Eviction Services

You pay less if the trespassers leave your land after the notice is served to them. You pay only for the eviction notice and attendance charges. However, if the trespassers refuse to comply with the eviction notice, the process can get extended and you will incur higher expenses. The enforcement agents have to stay longer at the site. The eviction company has to use removal vehicles to clear the land. The eviction service costs will increase if you want the same company to remove the rubbish left behind by the trespassers. Even with all these services, you will still incur fewer expenses compared to a court order.

All Details Provided to You

You will be updated regularly about the actions taken by the eviction service company and its enforcement agent. The details will include the actions taken, the date and time the actions were taken, the number of vehicles belonging to the trespassers, and the number of trespassers. You will receive information about the identity and behaviour of these trespassers. All this information will be provided to you through the email.