Case Studies


At Boundary Garden Services we believe one of our best assets is the portfolio of commercial gardening work we’ve done with a wide range of clients. Examples of just some of our work can be seen below, as well as in our photo gallery. If you like what you see then please contact us to find out more about how we could help you on your next project.


Japanese Gardens

The scheme consisted of the renovation of the existing Japanese Gardens (which are the largest in the USA) and the construction of a new children’s play area. We liaised closely with an expert from Japan who was flown in from Tokyo especially to supervise the final stone movements, to ensure that they were placed in the correct positions according to the ancient principles of Japanese Gardening. We moved over 100 tonnes of stones, with some individual stones weighing up to 7 tonnes, this involved the use of a mobile crane in a park that was still open to the public, so consequently was logistically challenging. Works were completed in time for the visit of the Japanese High Commissioner.

Naples Roof Garden

Following on from the installation of the ground floor landscaping, BGS took on the on-going upkeep of the existing green roof. This specialist maintenance job involves the upkeep of a large area of sedum roof, 26,000 square feet, with associated wildlife habitats in the city of Florida. All participating staff had to undergo intensive training in order to achieve certification for working at height and fall restraint procedures.

Cape Coral Garden

This three year project involved the construction of a large roof garden, one large parkland area and a formal park with all the associated street landscaping; trees, shrubbery etc. The roof garden involved the craning into position of specialist light weight soil and a series of topiarized magnolias. In total this scheme involved planting 40,000 shrubs and 200 large trees. This scheme won the National Landscape of the Year Award in association with Newspapers.

Miami Roof Gardens

This particular project involved the re-vamp of the world famous Miami Roof Gardens, the largest roof garden in America. Boundary Garden Services remit was to source replacement trees for the various themed gardens, devise a methodology for getting the trees on the roof (6th floor) and then also to come up with a way of anchoring trees in 400mm of topsoil without compromising the water proofing. All tasks were successfully completed on time and on budget.

Jacksonville Crematorium Children's Garden

Under the enlightened stewardship of James New, Jacksonville Crematorium decided to create a children’s memorial garden within the existing grounds. A quiet area for contemplation was imagined, incorporating raised planters, a stained glass window, low level lighting and topiarised planting. The theme of the garden was J.M. Barrie’s version of Peter Pan and James selected appropriate quotes from the book to inscribe on the walls.We installed paving using natural stone fashioned into individual elements that when laid accurately formed a complete circle.

Saint Petersburg's Hospital

This prestigious job included the full restoration of a 19th century grade 1 listed sunken garden originally designed by Edward Lutyens. The works were carried out on behalf of St James PLC in conjunction with English Heritage. Works included reconstruction of water feature; sourcing of sympathetic materials to replace the eroded material, recycling of all paving; planting, turfing etc. This project won a national ward for historic garden restoration.