We have 25 years experience of providing a landscaping service to developers, building contractors, architects and public bodies.

All personnel have relevant CSCS cards and we have a full range of equipment including excavators, tractors and agricultural implements.

Our management and staff pride themselves on their professionalism. Health and safety is a primary concern and method statements/risk assessments are provided as a matter of course.

As our long list of satisfied clients with testify; we can provide a cost effective solution to all your gardening requirements which are as follows:


We supplied and laid in excess of 120,000m² of turf last year, enough to re-turf Wembley 17 times over!

The vast volumes that we use ensures that stock is always fresh. We have a unique arrangement with our suppliers whereby turf can be delivered direct from the fields, freshly cut and on our sites within 24 hours.

The secret to a successful lawn is in the preparation. Ground needs to be cultivated to ensure air and moisture can penetrate below and a tilth needs to be formed so that accurate levelling can occur.

We have a variety of machinery to carry out effective levelling including pedestrian rotovators, tractor mounted stone burriers, harrows and automated levelling equipment.

We can also source specialist turfs including deep rooted RTF for difficult situations as well as wild flower turf and sedum matting.

Tree Planting

We have put in some whoppers! Trees are our speciality and there is not much we don’t know about where to source them from and how to plant them.

Many projects now require large specimens that give a new scheme instant maturity and presence. Knowing where to find good quality trees and indeed being able to inspect and tag trees for specific projects is something we have been doing for many years. It is this experience that we can bring to your project.

Knowledge of specialist tree soils, underground anchoring systems, root barriers, unique irrigation methods and structures to alleviate soil compaction are all things that we deal with on a regular basis. We can also advise at what stage of the construction process it is best to implement above measures. This is very important and can be critical for a trees long term survival.

Finally we have tried and tested methods for the movement of trees that can weigh as much as 3 to 4 tonnes. We have access to specialist handling equipment including a wagon fitted with a crane and specially commissioned loading blocks that means that monster trees can be moved without damage to them or our guys on the ground.

Shrub Planting

We have our own nursery site in Woking from which we are able to contract grow a large quantity of plants for each season. Coupled with this, we have an extensive network of nurseries with which we trade stock, so we will always be able to find what you need.

Our partnering arrangements stretch to overseas nurseries and we regularly take delivery from plant providers all over Europe via articulated lorries which can delivery direct to site.

Having a 20 acre site also gives us the facility to store plants in preparation for use on your site. This gives us an edge over many of our competitors as we can deliver in at short notice to meet your programme requirements.


When large areas of lawn need to be created, the only economically viable option is seeding. Generally the need is for tractor mounted equipment and we have both compact and heavy duty tractors that are suitable for all manner of terrain.

As with turfing; ground preparation is of paramount importance if a good quality sward is to be created. Rotovation, harrowing, levelling and drill seeding will be necessary. We also have equipment for applying herbicides, fertilizers and other ameliorants.

Once established, we can also provide an “over-seeding” machine that will bulk out grass areas if they are becoming threadbare. For existing lawns we have access to equipment that can improve drainage such as verti-drainers and other aeration kit.